Awe of Ima

[day 552]

Most moms sit back, relax, and enjoy the love on Mother's Day.  But not my Ima... Today, Ima & Abba (my parents) graciously picked Steph and I up from the airport.  We took her out to lunch in Little Rock and then we came home.  Instead of us sweeping Ima off her feet, her and Abba headed outside to build a closet for Steph since she's moved in. Yep... you read that correctly.  On MOTHER'S DAY my mom spent her time building a closet for her adopted daughter. I am constantly in awe of Ima. And also in awe of the way her and Abba work together... they are the real deal. Happy Mother's Day to the most selfless, passionate, and true woman I know. Love you.

[Sunday, May 13, 2018]



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