Bridge to Minneapolis

[day 551]

Today was a rest day. After being up on our feet and shooting for 13 hours yesterday, we needed a day of relaxation. We slept in and took it slow but we didn't want to completely miss out on seeing the city so we drove into town. Of course, we came to quickly find out that today was also a very busy day in Minneapolis. It was graduation and move out day for the universities in town...soooo, we had to adjust our exploration plans... a lot. But that's okay! We found a nice little park with a good view of the city and a nice little trail down by the water. It was such a good day hanging out with my best friend after a super successful day of work yesterday. 

A lot of the shots below are from one vantage point. I just stood there watching people enjoying the day and taking a stroll across the bridge. It seemed to also be a hot photoshoot spot as well, hints the graduates and the bridal party ;)

[Saturday, May 12, 2018]



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