[day 436]

I worked from home today. You may think being a freelancer means I work at home a lot. You'd be right if I actually got a lot done there but it's seems like I get way more done when I leave the house. This morning I decided to stay and give it a try. I got up, made coffee, made a fire, and edited. It lasted the whole morning but by the time afternoon came I needed to do something else, so I cooked. I am not much of a cook... it's not that I'm bad, I'd just rather spend my time doing other things. I'm trying to change that though because it's definitely healthier to cook your our meals. So, I spent most of the afternoon and evening prepping and cooking meals that I could keep in the refrigerator for the next week. No, I did not just cook carrots. I remembered I needed to get my photo for the day and I happened to really like the light coming through the window reflecting off the refrigerator and shining onto the counter as I chopped carrots for one of the dishes. 

[Wednesday, January 17, 2018]



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