Jesse McCartney

Jesse McCartney concert | Harding University

Harding announced that Jesse McCartney was coming to play on campus many weeks ago. I haven't been to a concert on campus since I graduated so I wasn't planning on starting now. But then Audra (co-worker/friend) asked me to go with her, so I agreed to go. I figured it would be a fun nostalgic time. I also had not planned on shooting much or at all but because I carry my camera with me everywhere now, I couldn't help but shoot when I got there. I forgot how much I love shooting concerts. We sat in the back and I only had a kit lens with me, so it was not the prime concert photography type situation, but then again, I actually wasn't there to professional shoot it, haha. It was too hard for me to sit and just enjoy. Weirdly, I sometimes find more enjoyment in wandering trying to capture the performance than just standing and singing along. 

Thankful Janis (another co-worker/friend) came with us so I didn't feel too bad for leaving Audra to roam around during parts of the concert.