No rest

[day 102]

Today was a pretty packed day for me. I got up early, got some work done and then headed to Harding's theater building to set up for a photo shoot. Harding University put on a huge production each spring called Spring Sing. Hundreds of students participate in social club shows that have lots of singing and dancing. Anyway, I am taking the photos for the program this year.

It's easier to test light with a subject, meaning I end up having to being my own subject sometimes. I also had some fun in-between group shoots in the makeup room. 

During the photo shoot, I got a text from my friend Jon asking to hangout because he got a new camera and wanted to test it out. So, after I was finished the photo job I took off to the park. I'm glad I got out because the day was too beautiful to waste inside.

After the park, I ran home for a bit before my evening plans. As I pulled into the driveway, I saw the sun shining through the trees and illuminating the smoke from the bonfire ashes. So, I spent the next few minutes watching the wisps of smoke. Consequently, I smelled like a campfire the rest of the night.  

And lastly, I went to the Jesse McCartney concert at Harding. More on that tomorrow... 

[Saturday, February 18, 2017]



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