Pen to paper

[day 189]

No truck ride today. We stayed put and worked on the plans, rather suggestions, for the church expansion. I say "we" but it was actually the engineers and interior designer. I stuck with my job which was to document it all.  I say "suggestions" because we are simply here to use the gifts God has given us to participate in the larger mission. We did not come to say we know it all or that we have all the solutions but only to offer our time and assistance. The Haitians obviously know their culture and their needs best. We simply wanted to join with them in the process of church growth and use our skills to suggest a church expansion plan based on their knowledge and input. 

I learned a lot by listening to the engineering team talk and work through so many different options. It was fascinating to watch them take the Haitians ideas and dreams and put those on paper in the form of an architectural design. 

While the engineers worked on the new church building plans, the counselors continued with their spiritual enrichment seminars. The male counselors worked with the men at the preaching school (the place we stayed) and a large group of women spent the day back at the church with  female counselors discussing self-esteem and empowerment. 

Everyone on the mission team met back for dinner and swapped stories from the day. The evening ended with a refreshing game of basketball in the rain. 

[Tuesday, May 16, 2017]



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