Taylor's tub

[day 531]

I was connected to Taylor Ross by our towns well-known woodworker Joey (@woodlifeinc) because Taylor needed some photos taken of his wood bathtubs he makes by hand. Joey figured I’d just get one of my students to go take the shot. But instead, I worked out a time to do the shoot myself. Taylor really just needed a couple simple shots but we couldn’t resist taking the BEAUTIFUL tub out to the alley for a bit of contrasting elements. So after taking plenty of detail shots of the tub itself, Taylor jumped in just for funnzies.  Taylor's tub is the real deal. 
Taylor is not only crazy talented but truly a genuine, people-loving man. After getting to know him and about his family a bit in that hour shoot, I am so thankful we are connected. He is doing some pretty wonderful things in the world.

[Sunday, April 22, 2018]



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