We have fun

[day 92]

Wow, I am thankful for today. I haven't laughed as much as I have today in a very long time. I'm talking deep belly laughs. It's been so good for my spirit. 

I didn't take any one great photo that sums up the day. I took a few that were just parts of another office walk to lunch. But this lunch outing was a bit farther and had a few more stops along the way. We first made a scene when walked in a class uninvited so that Hopper (our boss) could present his friend and professor a gift. Then we made a quick stop to say "hi" to another friend and professor (thankfully he was in his office so we didn't disrupt another class). Then we finally made our way to the Greek House for lunch. Of course, while walking back on the side of a four lane road, we bump (not literally) into the same professor friend whose class we barged into earlier in the day. 

We have fun. 

Thank you to all of our friends who don't mind our weirdness. 

[Wednesday, February 8, 2017]



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